Mortgage Renewal Services Pickering, ON

Mortgage maturing soon?
Know what to expect as your mortgage maturity date is approaching and explore renewal options available.

Renewal time is mortgage check-up time.

Talk to LiveWell Mortgage Plus before signing your renewal agreement.

There are many mortgage products to choose from and it’s important that your mortgage aligns with your current financial and economic status.

A matured mortgage carries no penalty so the mortgage holder should explore all options prior to renewing.

Refinance options:

  • Consolidate high credit card debts, loans or lines of credit
  • Pay out student loans
  • Access equity in your home to renovate
  • Access equity to purchase an investment or vacation property
  • Access equity to expand your business or increase cash flow
  • Access equity to gift money to children for wedding, home purchase, education, etc.
  • Arrange a line of credit for future use
  • And much more……..

Move to Another Financial Institution at No Cost

If refinance is not an option, there are other reasons to call LiveWell Mortgage Plus. Moving your mortgage from one institution to another, for a better interest rate is FREE. We will negotiate the lowest possible interest rate on your behalf at the time of renewal.

Pay Down Your Mortgage

Renewal is also a good time to take advantage of your pre-payment privilege. You can pay down as much as you want toward your principal balance, which will also allow you to save on interest.