Why You Should Choose LiveWell Mortgage Plus!

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LiveWell Mortgage Plus is a full-service mortgage firm that facilitates residential and commercial mortgage transactions between borrowers and lenders. With our network of lenders, we can offer you a host of mortgage choices and expert advice so that you can make decisions based on your finances.

We understand the importance of client trust and have several happy clients as a result. Moreover, we are confident about the services we provide and will not shy away from giving you references. We will also be happy to tell you why we are a top name in the mortgage business.

If you’re looking for friendly and professional mortgage services that will guide you expertly through the mortgage process, here are a few reasons why we believe you should pick us over the rest of our competition.

Experience. We have more than two decades of well-rounded experience in residential and commercial mortgages.

Experts. We are passionate about what we do, and our experience enables us to make mortgage financing simpler and much easier for our clients.

Satisfaction. We make sure to look after our clients. For this, we focus on service and mortgage knowledge to deliver excellent experiences to our clients. We also use a wide range of lenders to provide a variety of mortgage options.

Helpful. We work with our clients to help them make the right decisions regarding their mortgages. For refinances, we help them understand the choices and different products that are available to them.

Continuous communication. We stay in touch with our clients regularly and continue to serve them throughout the life of their mortgage. In case of questions or concerns, we make sure we are available to help.

We offer commercial and residential mortgage services in Pickering and surrounding areas and ensure that we exceed expectations and always put you first. Our main priority is the borrower, so we make sure we have all the right solutions to support them. Your best interests are at the heart of all we do, and our reviews and past clients will second that.

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